Thursday, February 11, 2010

JDK 1.4 and Spring WebService

This provides proof-of-concept for Spring based web-service for JDK 1.4 Environment . It contains details regarding service provider and service consumer creation in eclipse IDE. The document provides an example proof-of-concept (POC) for Spring Web-service and service consumer creation.

You can find more about this in “”. This blog can use by technical staff and management to implement the Spring Web service with the help of Eclipse IDE.

The purpose of this proof of concept is to show: How Spring Web service is flexible and simple implementation over any application.

POC @ Platform : Throughout this document it is assumed that we have Windows XP Operating System and Java 1.4 is installed.

Toolkit Bundle required for this POC @ JDK 1.4
Software/Tools Required
• JDK 1.4
• Apache Tomcat 4.1
• Eclipse Europa Version: 3.3.0
• Spring Binary Distribution ( 1.5.4 )

Eclipse Configurations

1.Set Java Compiler

[Window > Preferences > Java >Compiler > JDK compliance level >> Set 1.4]
2.Set JRE (Java Run Time Environment)
[Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JRE s >> Set JRE 1.4]
3.Set Tomcat (Run Time Environment)
[Window > Preferences > Tomcat >> Set Tomcat 4.1]
[Window > Preferences > Server > Installed Run Time >> Add and Set Tomcat 4.1]

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